Make Vegan Cake

To be honest I was thinking of cooking a vegan cake? If you are plagued by food allergy or just prefers to live an animal devoid of life, then each firing of the genre might be something that you double check reguarly.

You have a strict vegan in the family who has a birthday or a party coming up that requires traditionally for pie? If you're not familiar with vegan food practices, you might not know what vegans do not eat. Even worse, you could have the slightest idea how to replace what you don't eat.

But don't worry about it. In a few short paragraphs, I'll explain exactly what you need to make the perfect cake for your friend or relative vegan. And best of all, no one will be able to taste the difference.

Let's start with what strict vegans do not eat.They do not eat eggs. Do not drink milk. Do not eat certain types of sugar. Don't eat butter. And don't eat frosting.

Eggs can be replaced by "EnerG Egg Replacer", which you can purchase at many grocery stores. The box will explain
How to use egg substitute.

Cow's milk can be substituted with organic rice milk, which contains no animal by-products. You can buy rice milk at your local grocery store, too.

Many vegans do not consume sugar, or, because it is often bleached with bone char. You can avoid the sugar is bleached to bone char with the purchase of sugar "flocks", sugar, raw sugar or beet sugar. There are some cane sugar, too, which were whitened with bone char, but hard to distinguish from each other, if you don't know the exact brand name.

Strict vegans don't eat butter dishes, either. If the recipe calls for butter cake, you can simply replace it with margarine or vegetable shortening.

In addition to butter, sugar, milk and eggs, strict vegans also don't eat dairy frosting. If your recipe calls for frosting, you can try a similar flavor of icing "non-dairy" or you can make your own by replacing the butter with margarine.

And there you have it: a substitution of ingredients key to your vegan cake. Just follow the key, vegan-hostile elements replace your recipe, and your cake will be perfectly suitable to the strictest vegetarian!