Gourmet Cakes

You may not be able to have your cake and eat it too, but you can certainly learn how to make one!

Gone are the days when cakes were considered a luxury. These days cakes are part and parcel of every day life, finding their way into Sunday dinner, church socials, and birthdays. Most of us think that gourmet cakes are hard to make, but that notion is incorrect. Gourmet cakes are one of the easiest deserts to make.

Just go to a search-engine like Google or Yahoo, and type in "elegant Gourmet cake recipes." Click the button and you'll find numerous sites offering recipes like ice cream cakes, walnut mud-cake, pear and raspberry cake, Sydney mud-cake, Russian cheesecake, Bailey's marbled cheesecake, chocolate peanut-butter cheesecake, just to name a few.

I think most of us know that by using crock-pots, you can make quick and easy dishes in the morning that are ready for you when you get home from work. How mundane. But for something truly sublime, you should try one of the great recipes for ice-cream cakes.

Ice cream cakes are considered a gourmet cakes since they are something special. They are a perfectly blended rich ice-cream with smooth frosting and moist cake. You cake make one of these masterpieces with just a little bit of imagination and some store-bought ingredients.

When you go for shopping for the ingredients for this cake, pick up fresh chocolate as garnish, fresh fruit, frozen whipped topping, your favorite flavor of ice-cream, and some angel food cake.

After getting all of your ingredients, put the ice cream and cake in the freezer for about two hours. You should thaw the frozen whipped topping on the counter for at least 30 minutes just prior to starting. Now slice the fresh fruit and shave the chocolate into attractive pieces to garnish the top of the cake. Remove the ice cream from the freezer and thaw it for thirty minutes. Now remove the cake from the freezer and slice it into three pieces, horizontally.

To produce your wonderful gourmet ice-cream cake, stir the ice cream with a wooden spoon until it becomes smooth and creamy. Now spread the ice cream between the layers of cake. Once you have finished the assembling the layers, frost the exterior and top of the layers with the whipped topping. Now garnish the cake with the fruit slices and/or chocolate.

Put the cake back into the freezer until you are ready for your dinner. This recipe for gourmet ice-cream cake is sure to please your friends and family, and makes for the perfect finish for dinner.